Main Designer, voiceover work, character creater, and more: 
    Dorothy Jean Thompson


Very special thanks to the following people for helping with 3D modeling, scripting, bug testing and/or troubleshooting via SKYPE! I could not have done this without your help!


    Marshall Heffernan
    Jeremy Trim
    Oisin mac sweeney
    that guy down the street
    Marcus Jones
    Justin Naylor
    Apps Labbs



    Special thanks to my Step Dad Tom Sheaperd and Forrest Thompson


voice overs.

Unity assets
    PL Young - Blox Visual Scripting
    HE - Ghost Town MegaPack packs created by Artur G.
    HE - Abandonded Garden Pack created by Artur G.
    HE - Abandoned Hospital Pack created by Artur G.
    Salsa with random eyes
    Rain ai for Unity
    Head Look controller
    Park Props Pack
    WCE - Bicycle
    City Props Pack
    Sky FX Pack 1
    Urban Props 1.01
    Low Poly City Block
    Sleeping Bed
    Post Box 1.0
    Record player 1.0
    Snack Machines 1.0.1
    Building Shed 1.4
    Street Bench 1.0
    Fire Hydrant 4.0
    Modern Sofa 1.0
    Weapon HQ #4 1.1
    Free Gunds Pack
    Bone Weapon 1.1
    Fantasy Heavy Weapon Pack v001
    Misc Weapons 1.0
    Cantana and crowbar pack
    FX fire free
    3d decals
    flires system
    dish and tray
    Meat pack
    Monsters sounds pack
    IED improvised expolisve dog
    Construcion site pack
    rusty pack models
    small survial pack
    Easy Footsteps 2.0.0
    Street Table
    Traditionla water well
    Forester pro sycamore


Character Animation and Creater:

Mixamo Fuse


    Very special thanks to 
for request vocals.
and Airborne80 
For awesome vocals. 
Also thanks to the following freesound users.
    Dizzy Banjo
    Taira Komori

Music in my game and or Trailer.

"Aftermath", "Anamalie", "Anguish", "Anxiety", "Bent and Broken", "Bump in the Night", "Chase", "Chase Pulse", "Dark Fog", "Day of Chaos", "Epic Unease", "The Descent", "Unease", "Unseen Horrors", "Zombie Chase"
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0